Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1.) Can I get a better return investing in real estate than I could with the stock market or CDs?

It's difficult to compare different types of investments, especially over a period of time and in different locations. There can be periods when one investment type outperforms the others. With this being said, real estate investing in the current economic environment tend to be steady and return higher than stocks, and returns are substancially higher than CDs and IRA accounts. And real estate investing can be secured by real property, a cushion that other investments do not have.

2.) Are these investments risky?

As with all investments, there is some inherent risk. Just as with investing in the stock market, there are no guarantees. The major risk elements are vacancy, maintenance expenses and trying to sell in a down real estate market. But in general, real estate has less volatility than the stock market.

3.) How do I know the properties that Real Estate Off Market lists are good investments?

We go through a rigorous due diligence and certification process to find the investment properties we recommend. We analyze many criteria when selecting an investment location- such as Cap rate, Market Value, After Repair Value, local housing market, average local rents, and more. Furthermore, we deploy boots on the ground in the form of local managers; some have as many as 20+ years in their location to make sure the properties are sound and remain that way through the lifetime of your investment. Please remember, there is no guarantee that any investment will reach any barometer of performance

4.)Can I sell my property through your system?

Yes, we can market the property to other investors through our network. If the property has been held for a little while it will have a history as a performing asset and will be attractive to other investors. If we deliver a buyer for the property to you we will only charge an assignment fee, and not try to obtain a partnership percentage of the purchase price. You are of course free to sell it yourself to whomsoever that you choose in the open market. The good news is that it can be easily marketed to another investor or a homeowner. Contact to arrange this process.